• 18'x16" DGO™ Cutter Suction Dredger

  • A visit to Nigeria Minister of Science & Technology Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu

Our Vision

To build a world class pan African dredge manufacturing company and to contribute to the economic developement and technology integration of Africa.

Our Mission

To promote our indigenous technological capability particularly in area of dredger designing and construction by making available efficient, effective and well priced dredgers to our valued customers.

Built With Warranty

For a one (1) year period from Date of Acceptance (the "Warranty Period"), Company warrants that DGO™ Dredgers shall be free from defects in material, manufacturing workmanship, and title, and that the Dredger will operate in conformance with the Specifications set forth.




DGO™ Dredgers from Nwakama Dredge Nigeria Limited have quite a number of unique features.


Our biggest competitive edge is our dedication to delivering a superior product and outstanding service after the sale.


You will have the strategic advantage of enjoying the best after sales service from the same company that designed, constructed and assembled the dredge machine. This backup guarantees optimal production and particularly allows for transfer of technical know-how to your dredge crew. 


Our dredges are known for having the lowest cost of operation. They have the highest efficiency.


Another edge we have is customization of standard dredgers to meet client’s specific project requirements.


Our aim is to tailor each dredge to our customer’s specific requirements and customize the dredge to the type of work for which it will be used.
Options such as anchor booms, or spud carriage, or swivel elbow discharge can be easily added.


You will have the opportunity of deciding what length of ladder that would best suit your environment. Most rivers close to urban centers have been well deepened due to dredging activities. You need a long ladder dredging machine to operate in such terrains. This is where our equipment has competitive advantage.


You will have the opportunity of having the equipment powered by an engine, pump and other accessories that guarantee long life span.


You will have the advantage of acquiring a reliable business asset at a cost-competitive rate that saves you fortune. Your Return on Investment (ROI) increases tremendously.  We offer dredge solutions to enable you grow your business and come back to buy more dredgers.


You will enjoy a One Year Warranty.

You will have the assurance of money back guaranty should the equipment fail to meet your expectation.

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About Us

Nwakama Dredge Nigeria Ltd is a dredge designing and building company based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. We are manufacturers and brand owners of DGO™ Dredgers. The proudly made in Nigeria DGO™ Dredgers uniquely offer homegrown dredge solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer.
We understand the key problem with dredge vessels which has to do with having the right dredger for the right job.

DGO™ Dredgers are particularly engineered to be effective, efficient and rugged. READ MORE

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