About Us


Nwakama Dredge Nigeria Limited is a dredge designing and building company based in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. We are manufacturers and brand owners of DGO™ Dredgers. The proudly made in Nigeria DGO™ Dredgers uniquely offer homegrown dredge solutions tailored to the specific needs of the customer.
We understand the key problem with dredge vessels which has to do with having the right dredger for the right job.

DGO™ Dredgers are particularly engineered to be effective, efficient, reliableand rugged.


Nwakama Dredge Nigeria Limited has for thirteen years expanding modestly, working as a contractor in coupling of imported dredge. Gradually the focus shifted from contracting jobs to trouble shooting and repairs of dredgers. the next logical step was building of dredgers.

Today, Nwakama Dredge Nigeria Limited has remained highly innovative in building efficient and Rugged Dredgers Trading under the name DGO™ Dredgers.

The top management team is headed by Eldered Nwakama Onwuzuruigbo, who is the founder and Chief Executive Officer. He manages dredge development and commits himself to staying abreast of the latest dredging engineering trends for the business.

Through the years, Nwakama Dredge Nigeria Limited customer-centric approach to the dredge market has focused on building strong, long-lasting relationship with it's customers and its dedication to delivering a superior product with excellent resale value and outstanding services after the sale.


Dredger design & construction.
Repairs, maintenance, rehabilitation/reconditioning and dredger upgrade
Fabrication of dredge accessories like dredge pumps, anchors, cutter heads, ladders etc.
Consultancy services. We provide top class consultancy services in pre dredging, dredging and post dredging packages.
Provision of dredging services which includes land reclamation, sand stockpiling and shoreline protection.


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